Across much of the West the threat of wildfire is increasing. So too in northern New Mexico where thick stands of small diameter timber have been a management challenge for decades. At the same time as presenting a fire hazard, these dense stands also can reduce waterflow downstream, and water is the lifeblood of New Mexico. At address these challenges we are working to devise innovative means of harvesting and creating markets for small diameter timber to help promote the thinning of our forests. This not only improves ecological function and reduces fire threats, it provides much needed livelihoods for remote rural communities.

  • Mora Watershed Project
  • Mora Environmental Plan Update– working session with public
  • Mora Bio-mass Project – R&D
  • Sangre de Cristo Forestry Coop – in development
  • Pellet Project
  • Collaboration with 2-3-2 (CO Cohesive Strategy Partnership)