Visiones Collaborativas – Collaborative Visions seeks to empower local people through education. This includes agricultural practices, leadership, governance, finance and a range of other skills necessary for successful individuals and organizations.

Mora Leadership Institute – VC-CV has worked with the Rural Communities Assistance Corp. to provide a leadership training for existing and potential leaders (youth included) that focuses on a specific project the group can accomplish over the four-month process. Subsequent to the first meeting in 2013 we held occasional related community gatherings. This program has been immensely successful in spawning community action including a new local newspaper La Voz de Mora, and the Arts and Culture Compound (the first of its kind awarded by the State of New Mexico.

NMHU Distance Learning Center – In conjunction with New Mexico Highlands University, VC-CV provides virtual classroom space and distance learning workstations to offer our community post-secondary and continuing education options without the burden of long commute-times.

Mora Media Commons – In 2021, VC-CV allied with American Commons Media to create the Mora Media Commons, a film and digital media learning center and remote work space. Mora Media Commons offers training workshops, an equipment library, and digital media workstations. We are planning out-of-school programs and drone pilot trainings beginning in 2024-2025.