Mora Coops

Inspired by the successes demonstrated by the Mondragon Corporation cooperatives in Spain, VC-CV helped launch a number of coops to sustain the cultural and ecological resilience of our community. The five coops we have worked with include:

  • Los de Mora Local Growers Association
  • Mora County Water Alliance
  • Mora Tourism Coop
  • Sangre de Cristo Forestry Coop
  • Sangre de Cristo Livestock Growers Association

All of these endeavors are founded on core values based on stewardship of Mora’s ecologically diverse resources and preservation of our unique cultural traditions, language and history in this primarily Hispanic and Native American bioregion. Collaborative Visions has been successful in catalyzing a resurgence in organic farming and educational workshops that provide hands on experience in the dirt! From these seeds have sprouted an entrepreneurial spirit , including new value-added agricultural products and services that bring locals, tourists, and regional interests to Mora.