Getting the word out in a rural community with a tech divide is a challenge. With no local radio, newspaper or town halls, Mora residents are not always aware of current affairs and opportunities occurring in the area. Our goal has been to improve communications delivery and tech support.

  • La Voz de Mora – local free newspaper (developed as a result of the Leadership Institute)
  • Visiones Collaborativas Website
  • Community Email Data Base – Join here!
  • Flyers, Posters, Advertising
  • Facebook
  • Plaza Nueva Project on
  • Advisor to film Rooted Lands: Preserving Mora’s Water
  • Advisor to the film Mora is Burning: Fire, Disaster, Resilience about the 2022 Hermit’s Peak/Calf Canyon fire disaster

We are coordinating the efforts of the co-ops and other local actions into an integrated system to provide local people with additional technical assistance.
We are engaging experts in agriculture, conservation, finance, rural development, and watershed restoration to develop strategic plans using the Theory of Change (TOC) methodology to identify the barriers and opportunities that need to be addressed for coops and other local initiatives to be sustained and expanded.

The main point is to make the majority of our conservation and rural development actions self-sustaining such that after five years we do not need to be reliant on donor dollars – but allow income from the goods and services to support the majority of the rural empowerment activities.

The improved farming, forestry, and ranching practices and improved markets will allow the community to become more economically self-sufficient while providing the community with healthy alternatives to processed foods.