At one time, Mora was the breadbasket of Northern New Mexico. Today there is a resurgence of local landowners looking to capitalize on the organic agricultural trend. Rejuvenating the soil and growing food using organic methods is encouraged in Mora. VC-CV has been pivotal in focalizing this effort.

  • Mora Seed Exchange and Organic Farming Presentations
  • Farm Tours – Local farmers sharing best practices
  • Workshops: Bees, cattle, permaculture, organic farming, orchard        pruning, chickens, cider making picking, Bio-char, health codes, climate   change adaption  and many more.
  • San Ysidro Farmers Forum
  • Los de Mora Local Growers Cooperative
  • Sangre de Cristo Livestock Growers Association
  • Workshops on greenhouses, hoop and tunnel growing, seed harvesting and storage, food safety, food preservation, food security.